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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The perfect flapjack

I have been trying to find the prefect flapjack recipe for what seems like forever. I have lost count of the different recipes I have tried and yet whilst most have been good, non have matched up to what I get when I buy them and that's what I'm always aiming for.
For me the perfect flapjack would be a nice thick slice, not crunchy but melt in your mouth soft. Not filled with fruit or flavoured with spices. I would maybe allow it to be drizzled with a touch of chocolate, but really I'm a purist when it comes to flapjack. It needs to be oats, sugar, butter and syrup. Cooked until soft, and never crunchy.

So when I was sent some Flahaven's Irish oats to try I thought, rather than just making porridge and telling you all what I thought of my breakfast I'd try out a flapjack recipe. I usually just say that oats are oats and there's no point spending more on them for a better brand. Perhaps that's why I'm so often disappointed with my flapjacks when I use the cheapest oats I can get?

After a bit of scouting on the internet I found a recipe on the Guardian website from Felicity Cloake, aptly titled how to cook perfect flapjacks.
I gave it a go, following it verbatim, as I always do when I first try a new recipe, then I make notes of what I would change next time and tweak it to how I like it.


300g Unsalted butter, plus extra to grease
75g demerara sugar
120g golden syrup (6 tablespoons)
250 jumbo rolled oats 
200g quick-cook oats -  I used my Flahaven's quick-cook oats


Pre heat the oven to 190C. 180C Fan, 150C if you prefer your flapjack chewy rather than crispy - this is what I did with mine.

Line a 30x20cm baking dish/tin with grease proof paper, cutting slits into the corners to help it fit more neatly.
Melt the butter, sugar syrup and pinch of salt in a small saucepan. When the butter and sugar are melted and combined take of the heat and stir in the oats. 
Press into the baking dish/tin evenly and bake for 25 minutes for chewy, 30 minutes for crunchy, until set and golden. 

Allow to cool completely before removing form the baking dish. but slice into squares whilst it's still warm. 

This for me was the nearest to prefect flapjack recipe I've found. The only tweak I would make next time is to use slightly less butter as they were just a bit greasy. The oats seemed to do the trick though, so I shall definitely be using some more for them for another tray of flapjack. Judging by how fast this one has gone I don't think that will be to far away. 

How do you eat yours? Crunchy, chewy, with fruit, with cinnamon... Comment and tell me what makes your flapjack perfect. 

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