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Monday, 30 September 2013

Sweetpea pantry - making baking easy, delicious and fun. Review

It's been a few weeks now since I visited the Cake and Bake show London with the littlest baker and my mother in law. We went on a Saturday which was a sell out and wow was it busy! We could hardly move for people though I did manage to squeeze up to a few stalls to get a better look at the wares and pick up some samples and ideas. There were some really delicious looking and tasting products for sale as well as baking celebs meandering around happily signing autographs and posing for pics. All in all a great day, I will definitely be back for 2014!

One of the things I picked up to try whilst I was there was Sweetpea Pantry's Grainy Brainy Pancakes mix.
Sweetpea Pantry is all about making baking with kids easy, delicious, fun and wholesome. They provide all the necessary dry ingredients in a mix with instructions on how to help your little one create their very own baked goods.

Littlest baker absolutely LOVES breakfast, it is by far her favourite meal of the day. So what better time to try the Grainy brainy pancakes than for a yummy Saturday morning breakfast? 

It couldn't have been more simple, all that I needed to add to the ingredients was 1 egg and 1 cup of milk.
After that it was pretty much all up to the Littlest Baker, until it came to the cooking part.
The pancake batter was mixed together in no time, meaning that for a little one with a short attention span the work was done and the pancakes ready in all of about 10 minutes.

One pack of the mix (there's 2 in the box) made around 8 decent sized pancakes which fed the three of us well.
Littlest Baker had hers with some maple syrup and cinnamon sprinkled over them, I had maple syrup and banana just to make it a touch more filling. Though as the mix has no sugar added it is perfectly possible to make the pancakes savoury by adding cheese and ham perhaps for a lunch box treat or brunch.

Ready to tuck in!
What helps to make these mixes from Sweetpea Pantry so special is that they have no added sugar or salt, they are gluten free, contain wholegrains and have nothing artificial. So that also means no guilt from me for giving Littlest Baker pancakes for breakfast. 

I'm off now to look at the Sweetpea Pantry website to see what we can try next.