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Saturday, 26 April 2014

A little something to finish off the festivities

In December I was asked to sample a cheese and wine combination from Aldi.
Aldi have paired up with Master of Wine Sarah Jane Evans to create some lovely cheese and wine combos which complement each other and are perfect for finishing off a meal. 

I was sent the Specially selected Cheeder with garlic and herbs, matched with The exquisite collection Limoux Chardonnay.

The cheddar had a lovely strong taste which held up well to the crisp acidity of the Chardonnay.  

The cheese went well on my Christmas cheese board along with the usual Stilton and Bree etc... The Chardonnay a welcome addition to the after dinner drinks and cheeses. 

Aldi are proving that there is no need to go to the bigger named supermarkets for your entertaining needs. In the current economic climate and particularly when we're all watching the pennies around Christmas and New Year I really don't see you you would pay more for something when you can get something of the same quality for less. 

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